Air Icon Generator

Air Icon Generator

Create stylish icons in two easy steps


  • Very easy to use
  • Creates icons in different sizes


  • Only two types of icon available
  • Text is limited to four characters


If you need to create an icon but haven't been blessed with design skills, don't worry. Icon Generator is here to lend you a hand.

This simple program eases the creation of icons to the most basic level. You need absolutely no drawing abilities: just select the type of icon you want (only two of them included though), customize the text and the color and you're done. Icon Generator will create the icon for you in PNG format and several different sizes to choose from.

While the idea behind Icon Generator is certainly interesting, I still find the program too simple. Like I said there are only two types of icon available, you can only fit in a maximum of four letters and there are no options to customize font or choose another format different from PNG.

However if you can make do with what Icon Generator offers, this is a handy simple app to create icons in just two steps.

Air Icon Generator


Air Icon Generator

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